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YouTube Weekly VLOG | EP24 | First Sky Dive (over the Grand Canyon) and Homolovi State Park

Updated: Oct 8, 2021


Grand Canyon National Park and Homolovi State Park while on contract in Fort Defiance Arizona (staying in Gallup, NM)


On the way back from hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Trail, I noticed a sign for “Skydive the Grand Canyon” and I thought this would be an epic experience (a friend of mine recently did a jump over Yosemite as well) and since skydiving was on my list for this year, I thought why not? I also visited Homolovi State Park, outside of Winslow Arizona, on the way back from Flagstaff - another site I’ve been meaning to knock off for a while.

Be creative and find your adventure this week!! ✌️😎

A Few Takeaways from This Experience

  • This was the smallest plane I have even been in, with just a seat for the pilot and the rest of us sitting in a cargo area with our legs spread backwards. Flying in the winds of the Grand Canyon (though it was not too windy) seemed as much of a harrowing experience as the jump itself.

  • It was awesome to see Bright Angel Canyon and the Rim to Rim Trail I had just completed from the air.

  • I would definitely bring more layers next time. At that elevation it gets quite chilly and the plane is not very airtight as there is a plexiglass door that must be rotated overhead so we can throw our legs over the side and jump.

  • While I did not feel particularly nervous for the entire experience, I am glad that it was not ultimately up to me to fall out of the plane, the instructor just did this on his own. Had it come down to me, I do not know if there would have been hestitation or not.

  • There was a definite "ice-cream-headache" going on just after the fall-out from the cold air rushing past.

  • The jolt of the shoot opening was a bit disconcerting and the instructor's piloting of the shoot felt very much like we were getting tossed around in the air - several of the positions brought us essentially parallel with and looking down at the ground.

  • You tend to lose perspective on speed while your falling and the ground comes at you much faster than you would think.

  • All in all though, this was an AWESOME experience and I would love to jump Yosemite if ever in that area down the line.

I also came away with some beautiful pics from Homolovi State Park. More photography from this trip is available both on Instagram and here on the CAIRN Traveler Galley Page (both color and in the Western Shadows Galley in black and white).

(Pottery shards from the Pueblo Ruins at Homolovi State Park)



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