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YouTube Weekly VLOG | EP19 | First Visit Home Since 2019 | Hiking the Whitewater Corridor | Apt Tour

Updated: Oct 8, 2021


Greenville South Carolina while on contract in Fort Defiance Arizona (staying in Gallup, NM)


I had an amazing trip home - sorry I didn’t shoot much family footage as this seemed rude and I wanted to be truly focused on them and catching up with their lives. This was my first visit back since October of 2019, over a year and a half later. I got to meet several nieces and nephews I’ve only barely met and several I haven’t met at all before. I had several home dinner with my folks, my younger sister and her husband and son (whom I hadn’t met before). I hiked the Bad Creek Access to Upper Whitewater Falls Trail (link here) with my sister and then returned to her new home for a tour and to hang out with my brother in law and their two daughters (the youngest being another newbie to meet). Lastly, I spent the last evening with my brother and sister in law and their crew - toured some awesome home renovations, had an awesome dinner, met the newest member of their family for the first time, and just hung out around the fire pit in their backyard as the sun set. All in all, a GREAT and very satisfying trip home!!

Before leaving, I also have a quick tour of the tiny apartment I keep reserved for myself in the freestanding garage at the house back home (the main house is rented out while I’m away).

Notes on Traveling During the COVID 19 Pandemic:

Masks were worn consistently at all airports (as these are subject to federal mandates), however I found South Carolina to be quite a bit looser on this than any other place I’ve been during the pandemic - it seemed up to the individual for the most part. Some places like Target had mandatory mask signs but this didn’t seem to be enforced in the store. When picking up a drink for the flight out in the GSP Airport, the lady at the counter wanted to tell me how she took microbiology (to be a mortician) and how the alcohol in hand sanitizer basically does nothing to Petri dish cultures in 72 hours. The planes I was on with middle rows kept these open but otherwise planes were pretty much full and the airports had quite a bit of traffic as well. In airports such as GSP (SC) and IAH (TX) hand sanitizer was not as easily found as in the airport at ABQ (NM).

Be creative and find your adventure this week!! ✌️😎



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