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RPOD Camper Modifications | Floor Recovering

Floor Recovering and Leveling Project

Movement from the ottoman's (specifically the left) during travel had gouged holes into the fragile floor - not really sure why this movement occurred but found no better way to secure.

I ended up removing both ottomans, more for the space but also because this left one was so loose.

I originally just caulked these holes but floor recovering offered a way to fix this for good.

From the time I purchased the rig, there was a dip in the floor on the slide wall (this was much more evident once the ottoman's were removed). There did not seem to be any noticeable issues from the exterior. This slope never seemed to worsen and the wall never pulled away from the floor. However, it was very annoying to walk on and use a rolling office chair.

In addition to this, in the same slant of the floor, an unknown circular protuberance (about 1.5" in diameter) underneath the vinyl floor started to work it's way through, starting to crack the vinyl.

I first vacuumed and cleaned the existing floor thoroughly with soap and water, then dried. I used a self-leveling patch leveler to fill the floor dip (had to do this twice as I had it too thick the first time - to achieve a more precise level edge, it had to be thinned). After this I applied a adhesive primer, and then cut and started laying the peel and stick tile (large shears worked well for this), starting in the alcove under the bed and stretching the length of the camper. To finish off, cut and installed a shoe mold trim around the perimeter.

I'm pretty happy with this mod/repair and it turned out pretty well.

Armstrong Flooring Terraza 12x24 1-piece 12-in x 24-in Sand Dollar Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile (Lowes $83.16)




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