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New Mountain Bike - Remounting the Airstream TVs - Truck Payoff Goal || VLOG


On contract in Fort Defiance Arizona (staying in Gallup, NM)


Join me this week for a little Airstream modification project which I'm super happy with . . . as well as some updates on the replacement of the stolen bike setup and another BIG goal checked off the 2021 bucket-list with the truck!! More to come . . . stay tuned!!

Be creative and find your adventure this week!! ✌️😎

The New (Replaced) Mountain Bike Setup - Santa Cruz Hightower

I finally finished the new bike kit after the bikes were stolen in Apache Junction outside Phoenix - the replacement mountain bike was delivered this week after quite a long wait but I ended getting the color I originally wanted. It turns out that none of the insurance I carry or the credit card company would offer any deferment on the theft so it was just a VERY expensive lesson learned - not to mention the Trek CrossRip was the first bike I had ever bought and had been with me a very long time (since I originally bought my house and then one of the few things I took when I hit the road).

The Kuat Sherpa 2.0 bike rack worked well with the welding job done by Cliff’s Welding in Mesa, AZ. My previous Trek road bike was replaced with another from REI and with the delivery and assembly of the Santa Cruz this week, my kit setup was back. I ordered accessory seat bags for both as well as new cable locks and bike covers.

Converting the Airstream Living Room TV Mount to a Charging Cabinet

Central to the practice of minimalism is constantly re-evaluating the simplicity and functionality of the current situation. After almost two years of living full time in the Airstream, I realized I had NEVER used the TV mounted in the galley area. Whether sitting at the desk or on the couch, I alway use my computer monitor (a 32” ViewSonic) to view video content and the audio plays via Bluetooth through the Airstream stereo and speaker syste. There was already a small charging alcove above the TV and I had the thought that I should just get ride of the TV and use the alcove behind the TV (fitting the mounting arm) as another charging area with a cabinet door.

It was fairly straightforward to dismount the TV and clear the articulating arm out of the recessed area. After this, I found an appropriately sized picture frame at Hobby Lobby and a long thin henge from Home Depot. I originally attempted to spray paint the plexiglass in the frame to make this opaque for LED lighting in the recessed area behind the frame but it turns out spray painting is VERY uneven and this did not work out well. In addition, I found the plexiglass to be extremely thin and flimsy. I also discovered that using 3M double sided adhesive on neodymium magnets for the latching mechanism did not work well - the adhesive eventually pulled off as the magnets stuck together. So stay tuned to further updates on this project down the road as it’s not quite dialed in yet.

Airstream Bedroom TV Re-Mounting Project

When I took down the TV in the galley, I realized it was a bigger and better quality than the one I had in the bedroom which I do occasionally use while lying or sitting in bed. I took down the smaller TV and replaced it with the one from the galley area but the back on the new one was large which meant it stuck out from the wall more. I was able to find a slim mount TV option and the final product worked out well.

2021 Goals - The Truck PAID OFF!!

Lastly, I accomplished one of my 2021 goals this week - the payoff of the truck! This feels amazing, with only the Airstream and the house back home to go. The last vehicle I completely paid off was my Jeep Wrangler (my first car) - I have since had a Honda Civic and the Toyota Tacoma which just rolled into the next vehicle’s debt. In addition, the truck carried the highest interest rate of all the loans I currently have so eliminating this early just made since and now more monthly funds are freed up to put towards paying down the next loan.


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I just got a new mountain bike and have been hitting the trails every chance I get. In between rides, I've been working on some projects around the house, including remounting the TVs in our Airstream trailer. It's been a fun and rewarding process, but it's also important to make sure all of our electronic devices and data are secure. That's why we use Spinbackup to protect and manage our data in the cloud. It gives us peace of mind knowing that our important documents and photos are backed up and secure.

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