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How to Remove Sweat Stains from Dark Clothes | Life Hack

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Don’t be grossed out - this is the down and dirty of daily life. After years of dealing with this issue, I’ve finally found a solution that works!!

As someone who sweats a lot (probably from drinking too much coffee) and who wears a lot of dark clothes, I’ve dealt with sweat stains on dark clothing for a long time. Stains may be due to the deodorant residue or to the salt content in sweat itself but regardless this does not seem to be removed by your typical laundry detergent. After much research, I found that a 50/50 white distilled vinegar and water solution brought to a boil and then applied to affected areas finally removes the set in stains. Soaking for at least an hour in this hot water is key. Now stains in my scrubs and other clothes are almost entirely removed and I only have to do one of these pre-wash soaks occasionally.


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