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Experiments in Night Photography and Lightpainting

So it’s one of my goals to do more night photography but for now, my GoPro Hero 7 Black is the most capable until I can get a more upscale device. I was super thrilled to find it has an option for night photo with a 30s aperture.

The GoPro also has the option to shoot in RAW, that combined with a little editing in Adobe Lightroom corrected for some of the limits of the camera.

I went up the PCH (HWY 1) after midnight, North from Fort Bragg where all the little towns drop away to find a place on the coast without light polution, to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower. I found an absolutely stunning spot where HWY 1 leaves the coast to meet the 101, saw plenty of meteors though unfortunately didn’t catch any on cam. Both Jupiter and Saturn were out, as well as the Milky Way.

(The Milky Way, to the left Jupiter and Saturn)

Here’s some experiments in light painting . . .

More to come when the equipment eventually upgrades . . .

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