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CT WEEK IN REVIEW | EP5 | And 2020 Just Keeps on Going

Updated: Oct 6, 2021


On contract in Fort Defiance Arizona (staying in Gallup, NM)

CAIRN Traveler (CT) Week in Review

A quick demo of the 4 cup Bialetti Moka Express Export Espresso Maker - an absolutely delicious cup of coffee. And a quick discussion of the political events of the past week.

Rabbit Hole (The New York Times) | Apple Podcasts


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Airstream First Tow to Lake Tahoe (California)

Airstream First Tow to Lake Tahoe (California)

Airstream Life Update in NorCal (California)

Navigating Catastrophic RV Damage and Changing RVs (California)


Cameras: Canon EOS R5

Audio: RODE Wireless GO and Device Native Mics

Editing: Adobe Premier Pro (Creative Cloud)

**First time harvesting video footage from YouTube to use in videos, went well for the most part I think.

#ICreatedThisForMeAndILoveIt #Airstream #RVLiving #TravelNurse

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