CT WEEK IN REVIEW | EP2 | Getting the COVID Vaccine, Locked Out, and the GS1 Pixel RGB Camera Light


On contract in Fort Defiance Arizona (staying in Gallup, NM)CAIRN Traveler (CT) Week in Review

Despite being in the middle of a 5 day stretch (now 10 due to being short staffed over the holidays), I was able to keep my weekly goal for episode 2. My intent is that this be a much shorter VLOG style weekly video ending with a “show and tell” of sorts with something cool from that week.

For this week, I recently ordered the GS1 Pixel RGB Camera Light. LED and Li-Ion rechargeable powered. I’m pretty happy with this and hopefully it will work well as a fill light when filming VLOG.

GS1 PIXEL RGB Camera Light



CT WEEK IN REVIEW | EP1 | Canon EOS R5 Unboxing - It FINALLY Arrived!!

Airstream First Tow to Lake Tahoe (California)


Cameras: Canon EOS R5

Audio: RODE Wireless GO and Canon EOS R5

Editing: Adobe Premier Pro (Creative Cloud)

#ICreatedThisForMeAndILoveIt #Airstream #RVLiving #TravelNurse

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