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Campground Review | Harbor RV Park

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Harbor RV Park | Fort Bragg, CA

I stayed at Harbor RV Park in Fort Bragg, California from November 2019 to July 2020 while working a travel nurse contract at the local hospital (Mendocino Coast District Hospital/Adventist Health Mendocino Coast). The park is small and simple but I’m not super high maintenance on things so it was a good fit. I think the bottom line here is that you come for the views (and if you want the best views, try to get a spot on the front row, closest to the ocean).

To be honest, this was the first park I called when

starting to make reservations for this contract and I started with them because they were the closest to the hospital (within a 5 minute drive). While it’s commonly accepted that WiFi at campgrounds is generally abysmal, this campground (being so close to the city of Fort Bragg) had excellent cell service (Verizon), and if you use your cell phone data plan as your hot spot as I do, then this is super important.

More significantly, North Coast towns are fairly remote in the grand scheme of things and you will find that the further you go from Fort Bragg, the cellular bandwidth drops off dramatically (to the point that there is NO service at all at campgrounds such as Caspar Beach RV Park and Campground and Westport Beach RV Park and Campground).

I found the staff easy to work and communicate with. Of note, keep in mind that for all campgrounds around Fort Bragg, summer is the busiest tourist season and reservations fill up fast. I eventually had to move campgrounds (as a monthly tenant) because by the time I decided to extend my contract (about a month before the end of my current contract), the summer reservations had already filled the availability in the park. One of the most significant features of this park is that it sits on the Northern end of Pomo Bluffs Park with a beautiful 1/2 mile walking trail with some astounding ocean views. On the opposite side of Noyo Harbor lies Noyo Headlands Park and Coastal Trail (another peaceful ocean-side 5 mile walking/cycling trail with stops at a blowhole, Otsuchi Point, Glass Beach, Pudding Creek & Beach, MacKerricher State Park, Luguna Point, and Ten Mile Natural Preserve). I went through seven months, 3 seasons, 2 rigs (see Navigating Catastrophic RV Damage and Changing RVs), 4 contract extensions, as well as the COVID-19 world pandemic, and I have nothing but fond memories of this awesome little campground.

Amenities (Pros)

  • 20 Full Hook-up Sites

  • 11 Partial Hook-up Sites (power and water)

  • Bathrooms and Showers

  • Trash and Recycling

  • Fish Cleaning Station

  • Dog-friendly

  • Walking Trail

  • Astounding Views

  • WiFi

  • Cable TV

  • Dog-Friendly

  • Send and Receive Mail

  • Excellent Cellular Service (Verizon)

  • Competitive Rates (include utilities)

  • A few dry/storage sites available


  • Quite a few “permanent” (single-wide trailer residents), some not very well kept

  • A somewhat small park, can be a tight squeeze to get into

  • As with most campgrounds, WiFi bandwidth is fairly poor (enough for browsing, email, etc. but insufficient for streaming)

  • All spaces are back-in (no pull-throughs)

  • No trees or shade

  • Gravel sites, relatively level but not 100%

  • Reservations for summer fill up far in advance (summer is definitely the tourist season for Fort Bragg)

  • Grass between sites but no other amenities (table, fire ring, etc.)


(as of 07/2020)


Not specific to this RV park, but just a note on weather in Fort Bragg in general. The weather is extremely temperate, rarely below freezing in winter and rarely above 80 in summer. There tends to be lots of rain and fog during the winter and spring and tons on sunshine during the summer. This means for the most part you do not need your A/C here and at coldest during the winter, could easily get by (as I did) with just a space heater as opposed to running your furnace. Right now (mid-July), it's currently 65 and sunny, just "over the hill" (i.e. down HWY 20 and an hour and a half inland) in Ukiah, it's 96. Be aware too that Pacific water temperature remain 50-60s at warmest, so while there are some beautiful walks on the beach, don't plan on getting in the water without a wet suit (i.e. not the place for your speedo or bikini).

Campground review for Fort Bragg Leisure Time RV Park and Travel Nurse Review for Mendocino Coast District Hospital/Adventist Health Mendocino Coast coming soon . . .

Pomo Bluffs Park | Fort Bragg, CA

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